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About Stajvelo Bike fitting

Made to measure by Velofitting

Because no bike will ever be designed perfectly for your morphology, we have decided to offer an haute couture type service allowing you to create your own custom bike. We offer a bike fitting in order to customize your Beau Rivage bicycle. Reserved traditionally for professionals, a bike fitting is particularly important when comfort is a priority.

Stajvelo will create a custom frame for your bike that meets specifications based on your own measurements. We also offer a number of additional options, which obviously include customization to make your bike unique.

Our objective? Do everything we can to create the bike of your dreams...

Our product, our philosophy

Because we know you will be delighted with the outcome, we have chosen to partner with Velofitting for this service, a certified and qualified bike fitting professional. Velofitting has a long experience of bike fitting, providing services for professionals and athletes, including some famous names. Amateur cyclists do not generally have an opportunity to experience the pleasure of a perfect riding position. A bike fitting is the best way to achieve this, to become one with your bike and create an ideal synergy.

We have a network of Velofitting experts throughout France. One of them will come and spend two or three hours analyzing your position and taking measurements for your future Beau Rivage. We also have a practical remote measurement tool allowing you to customize your ideal frame.

Our Velofitting experts will use their expertise to ensure an optimal position thanks to the 3D Motion Logic system, without a doubt the best positioning system currently available, our number one objective being to ensure that your Beau Rivage satisfies your desires. The bike fitting is the holy grail of precision; it will ensure your future workhorse is comfortable, sufficiently powerful and stands the test of time.

It is why we have chosen to offer you this crucial fitting as part of our Beau Rivage service. We can then create each of the components of your bike accordingly to provide you with the ultimate in customization.