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Monaco, ideally located between sea and mountains, offers many possibilities to escape that few places in the world can offer. The routes are numerous and we chose the Mirabeau, the brand's powerful and light electric road bike to navigate these steep roads. 

Our itinerary takes the "Col de la Turbie" as the first difficulty. A slight pathway through the town of Cap d´Ail to begin our ascent which magnificently overlooks the bay of Beaulieu sur Mer. The landscape is sumptuous and the slope steep. The corniche gives this impression of height which confirms the fact that we are in a unique place.

The road towards la Turbie is a well-known point for any cyclist in the region. It is the main crossroad between the azur water and the lush green mountain. Our route follows the legendary slope of the Col de la Madone on Peille's side. The varying slopes allow the use of the different assistance modes that the Polini EP-3 engine offers. 

We approach the summit to blend one with the sun, offering magnificent views. Natural tunnel, narrow road and steep slope, all the ingredients for a unique route are concentrated.

The summit of the "Col de la Madone" at 926m is the culmination of this loop around Monaco. The descent that follows is just as magnificent with a first part in the forest leading to an arrival on the side of the cliff with a breathtaking view of Menton.

The bike is part of the road on perfect soil typical of the nice hinterland. It is not uncommon in this area to come across a few sheeps or goats. Thinking that we are only 10km from the seaside...

The arrival at Saint Agnès, a village on the edge of a rock dating back to the 10th century, offers a turning point in our itinerary for the day. The stability of the Mirabeau allows an enjoyable ride across the several succession turns.

Descending to Menton, towards the sea, the south side of the “Col de la Madone” is known by many professional cyclists in the region who use it to test their physical condition.

The itinerary continues for Gorbio, a village full of history overlooking Menton. The Col that leads to it is gradual, alternating between 4-7% incline, in which the Mirabeau is pure pleasure.

The village fountain, fully paved, is a must-see for cyclists. Along with the narrow and colourful streets, matches perfectly with the Provencal landscape of Menton, making it a rather enjoyable scenery to rest at a little longer during the hot days. The road continues towards Monaco via la “Grande corniche” known as Vistaero.

Once you have reached Vista Palace, you just have to go down to the Principality via la “Moyenne corniche” and finally reach the sea once more. 

At last, this loop of about 60 kilometres makes it possible to discover a variety of view points between sea and mountain in a landscape that we would described as idyllic while constantly testing cyclist and bicycle.