1.headquarters and information of the seller

Stajvelo /5 rue du Gabian /Le triton /Bloc C /MC 98000 Monaco

VAT: FR15000135219

Tel: +377 99 99 75 15 

e-mail: info@stajvelo.com

2.bank coordinates

IBAN: MC80 3000 2032 6000 0007 0945 Q26  



The products available on Stajvelo website can be ordered directly from the site www.stajvelo.com, by email info@stajvelo.com, or by phone on
+377 99 99 15 75.
These general terms & conditions govern all purchases of Stajvelo products, whatever the channel through which the purchase was made.
The online store offers the possibility to configure your Stajvelo bike according to your wishes and needs using the configurator, and place your order. You can also order a wide range of accessories. The bikes are sold pre-assembled and accompanied by their user manual. The final assembly as specified in the user manual, and the inspection of this assembly, are the responsibility of the purchaser. The user manuals can also be consulted on the Stajvelo website at the following address: www.stajvelo.com. All spare parts and accessories must be installed by a qualified specialist according to the Stajvelo specifications. Stajvelo cannot be held liable for any damage caused by incorrect assembly or incorrect installation. Stajvelo bikes comply with the laws and standards applicable in the EU.


The product price is indicated on the website alongside the description of the product itself. The prices stated include VAT and exclude the cost of delivery, which shall be borne by the customer.
Unless different payment conditions stated in the quotation or commercial offer from Stajvelo, the terms of payment are full payment upon placing your order.
Goods will only be shipped upon full payment of the purchase price.
Delivery costs are calculated automatically according to the country to which the product is delivered, and will be added to the total cost of your purchase. These additional costs will be clearly displayed and included in the total of your order. Stajvelo reserves the right to modify the product price and to update the delivery costs at any time and without notice. The prices will then be immediately updated on the Stajvelo website.

5.orders/purchase contract

Orders placed on the Stajvelo website must be confirmed by Stajvelo to be a delivery commitment. Confirmation of the receipt of your order will be automatically sent out once the order is placed. This does not constitute acceptance of your order.
You will receive within ten (10) days of the receipt of the order a confirmation by email of the order, either total or partial, along with the associated delivery period. This order confirmation defines the applicable purchase order.
The order signifies acceptance of the prices, the technical characteristics of the products ordered and of the present general terms & conditions. For any information, please contact Stajvelo customer services directly at the following email address: info@stajvelo.com.

6.delivery and payment

Products will be usually shipped within thirty (30) days from full payment receipt. Purchaser is required to check the condition of the product(s) upon delivery and to notify to the carrier by written, on the delivery slip, any damage observed. He must also inform Stajvelo thereof within a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours. After this period, the delivery and the product shall be deemed compliant.
Stajvelo cannot be held liable for any delay or non-delivery due to the unavailability of the Customer for receiving the product(s), to unforeseeable circumstances or to force majeure event. In case of delay, we shall inform you by email and the product will be dispatched as soon as possible once the circumstances that have generated this delay no longer apply.
Payment can be made using one of the methods stated on the website: credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. For deliveries made outside the European Union, purchaser will be considered to be importer of the product. All duties import taxes or additional customs clearance costs shall be borne exclusively by the purchaser.

7.shipping document and receipt

You will receive a delivery note indicating all the information relating to the order. It is important to preserve this document, which represents your proof of ownership, in particular for any subsequent problem linked to the warranty or for any complaint, and for insurance purposes in the event of your bike being lost or stolen.

8.returns and reimbursements policy

If you have bought one or more products for your personal use as a consumer and you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal from the sales contract and return the product(s), you have the right to cancel the order in writing, except for customized products, within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of the goods, without penalty and without giving any reason. You shall exclusively bear all costs linked to returning the product(s).
If you wish to exercise your cancellation right, the product must be returned to the address of the Stajvelo head office within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days of exercising said right. The product must be unused, carefully protected in its original packaging, complete (accessories, manual, etc.), and accompanied by a copy of the delivery note or invoice. Any product returned damaged will give rise to partial reimbursement to compensate the necessary repairs. In the case of sales to professional, once confirmed by Stajvelo, the order is firm and binding for the purchaser, who shall remain under all circumstances liable for payment of the full price of the order.

9.product warranty

Unless specific warranty conditions stated in a Stajvelo quotation or commercial offer, Stajvelo bikes are guaranteed for two (2) years from the date of delivery, except for wear parts, which should be replaced as recommended in the user manual. The validity of the warranty is subject to a strict compliance with the provisions contained in the user manual. Likewise, failure to respect the instructions for use, maintenance, and replacement of wear parts, and any nonconforming or inappropriate use of the product, will lead to a cancellation of the present warranty.

10.GPS tracker and ebike

The ebike is delivered fitted with a GPS tracker that you need to configure using the mobile app GPS-NO.com GmbH (download from the AppStore or Play Store) and the IMEI/password stated on the invoice and delivery note. The first twenty-four (24) months of subscription to the GPS tracker are included in the price of the ebike. Beyond this period, ebike owners must subscribe, at their own expense, a contract with the company GPS-NO.com or with any other operator of their choice. The necessary contact details and information will be supplied by Stajvelo upon request.

11.Applicable law and/competent court

Relations between Stajvelo and the Customer shall be governed by the laws of Monaco. In the event of any dispute, the competent court of the Principality of Monaco will have sole and exclusive jurisdiction.

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