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About Stajvelo Our story

About Stajvelo Our story


Founder & CEO

I am passionate about cycling, by the feeling of freedom that it provides. Each of us remembers the moment of intense satisfaction the first time « without the little wheels » or the first real long journey. No other transportation gives so much emotion and common sense. Indeed it’s the most ecological means of transportation.

With Stajvelo, I first wanted to create the bicycle I dreamed of. An urban e-bike with technologies that no one has ever had, starting from a philosophy of simplicity, ecology, comfort, design and up-above this : driving pleasure.

To start the project, it was necessary to create a company. In 2016, Stajvelo, STAJ done with the initials of my family, my spouse Stéphanie, my children Andrea and Jules and myself. Next step, bringing together technicians, experts, communicators. A dozen of people then looked at my project, like good fairies ... Then, the bike was born. We had to give it a color, a concept, a name. RV01, in tribute to my brother Hervé, who passed away a few months earlier. Studies, calculations, tests, design, 3D printing, functional prototype, all the steps were respected.

But the RV01 was just the first step ... A few months later, I decided to open new horizons while keeping the same philosophy: passion, simplicity, comfort and perfection ...  The idea to create the Beau Rivage came naturally to me. This road bike, both efficient and comfortable, pays homage to the rise of the beau rivage in Monaco. After studying hundreds of configurations, geometries and many more tests, we looked for the best balance between comfort and performance. Equipped with a handcrafted Italian carbon composite frame, the Beau Rivage is the result of Stajvelo know-how that will delight passionate drivers. After that, I wanted to offer something new, with my team we decided to create a new range for urban and road or gravel lovers. This is how two e-bikes were created, the Nomades and Nomades R, designed essentially for the city and on a daily basis to be more in respect with our environment. In a second time, we thought escape and wanted to bring to the cycling community the possibility to discover new roads, new paths. Adding to the range the MontAgel, an e-gravel bike was therefore obvious and in the same spirit of freedom to ride, the Mirabeau, an e-road bike for people looking for that “little boost” when needed. I hope you find as much fun riding our bikes as we had in developing them.

About Stajvelo Our story