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Founder & CEO

I am passionate about bikes and the feeling of freedom you get when you ride. We all remember the moment of intense satisfaction the first time we rode a bike without training wheels or took our first long bike ride. No other mode of transport fills us with as much emotion or makes as much sense. Biking is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport that exists.

With Stajvelo, I wanted to create the bicycle of my dreams. An urban e-bike featuring never-before-used technologies, rooted in a philosophy of simplicity, ecology, comfort, design, and above all, riding pleasure.

To give life to this project, the first step was to start a company in 2017. Stajvelo, STAJ comes from the initials of my family: my wife Stéphanie, my children Andrea and Jules, and myself. It was then a matter of bringing together the people, technicians, experts, communicators. Ten or so different people added their input to my project, like fairy godmothers... Then, the bike was born. We had to give it a color, a concept and a name. RV01, a tribute to my brother Hervé, who had died several months before. Studies, calculations, testing, design, 3D printing, functional prototype: we went through the process, step by step.

RV01 was just the first step... Few months later, I decided to open up new horizons while keeping the same philosophy: passion, simplicity, comfort and perfection.

Good looking bikes, easy to use, our leitmotiv. I hope that Stajvelo will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as it has me.

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