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About Stajvelo The spirit

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel


“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion,” said Hegel. Passion is an incredible driving force and the greatest form of creative energy. It is the flame that propels us forward, that bubbles up, that commands us, pushing us to always aim higher and do better. Stajvelo is a story of people who are passionate about bikes, beautiful objects, and technologies. It is a story of lovers of aesthetics, motivated by the same passion and desire to create a mobility that is a source of pleasure and healthy way of life.


As simple is never easy, Stajvelo went straight to the essential. We took away the embellishments and complications - no fluff - keeping only simplicity, common sense and reason. Our goal is a bike that is instinctive to ride, with natural and comfortable pedaling, easy to disassemble, and low maintenance. Even before thinking of aficionados, we designed bikes with novices in mind... To offer the simple pleasure of pedaling nonchalantly through the routes, with the freedom to think about more than riding your bicycle!


The ultimate objective! When you feel comfortable with a bike, you ride it more often. Our bikes were designed by ergonomics experts to be flexible and comfortable while offering excellent performance.


The perfect union of technologies and aesthetics. Our bikes embody the hard-to-achieve balance between technical, functional and aesthetic specifications: harmony between the beautiful and the necessary. This perfection is reflected in our different approach, a way of being that drives us to always do better in order to offer our customers the very best.